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What to do in winter

Canada and particularly the Quebec region is famous for its winter and snow. All around the world, there is an image in the head of the people about snow covered streets and countryside. And of course, about the cold weather.

Well, we have to say that is all true. There is also something that not so many people know : you have so many different activities to chose from in spite of the cold and the snow.

In this post, we’ll show you a glimpse of the winter activities that we can offer you in and around Quebec City during your visit.

Please note, that the list of activities is ever growing. We’ll add more and more things to do and activities, so please come back and check on it regularly.

The Ice Hotel - a magical place

The Ice Hotel is located outside of Quebec City, about half an hour drive. Every year, a new theme inspires the architecture so you never see the same hotel room.

Did you know :

  • they use 500 tons of ice and 40,000 tons of snow to build the whole hotel
  • it is the only ice hotel in North America
  • you can reserve a night stay or two in the Ice Hotel
  • you can sip a cocktail from a locally carved ice glass
  • you can take a Behind the scenes guided tour and learn more about the different stages of constructions (only weekends and reservation required)

Valcartier Winter Playground - fun for everyone!

Valcartier Winter Playground

The Winter Playground is located outside of Quebec City, about half an hour drive. It’s just right beside the Ice Hotel. They have over 35 snow slides during the day or night. You can enjoy inner tube slides, snow rafting, ice skating. It’s fun for everyone!

And after a fun day on the slides, you can enjoy the indoor water park or a great meal in one of the onsite restaurants.

Did you know that the Winter Playground is the largest winter park in North America?

Dogsledding - an unforgettable experience

Dogsled teams normally consist of four to nine dogs, generally Siberian huskies or Alaskan malamutes. Some people might think that dog sledding is cruel to dog, it’s actually what thes dogs love to do! You can learn how to drive a sled yourself, or they say : become a musher. In some centers, you can visit the kennels, learn about the everyday life of a sled dog and its musher, and you can pet little husky puppies!

Did you know that dogsledding was the traditional mode of transport in the Great White North?

It's carnival time!


Every year. from the end of January until mid-February it’s carnival time in Quebec City! You can discover the long-time carnival traditions, get to learn the official ‘Salut Bonhomme’ song, meet Bonhomme, the official representative of the Quebec Winter Carnival and mingle with locals. Don’t forget to bring your red or blue trumpet for the carnival night!

Did you know that Bonhomme, the representative of the Quebec Winter Carnival has made his first public appearance on January 9, 1955, he is 7 feet tall and weights 400 pounds of packed snow?

If you want to know more about the Winter Carnival in Quebec then read this article.

Discover the ice sculptures around the town

Ice sculpture 1
Ice sculpture 2
Ice sculpture 3

During the carnival season, you can discover beautiful pieces of ice sculptures all around Quebec City. Just stroll the streets, enjoy the crispy air and admire the view. You will probably meet one of the artists and get to see him/her carving the ice and creating an amazing piece art.

Did you know that every year the International Snow Carving Competition takes place in Quebec City during the carnival season?

Sugar Shack and Maple Taffy experience

A sugar shack (in French : cabane à sucre) is also known as a sap house. They are small cabins or groups of cabins where sap collected from sugar maple trees is boiled into maple syrup. Today many sugar shacks are commercially operated and also offer reception halls and outdoor activities open to the general public during certain months. Many of these activities include sleigh-riding, tours of the grounds, and eating maple toffee made in the house. 

Did you know that the traditional sugar shack dishes include ham, bacon, sausages, baked beans, scrambled eggs, pork rinds, pancakes and also specialties like homemade pickles, homemade bread, followed by desserts such as sugar pie and maple taffy on the snow?

Learn more about the history of the sugar shack and maple products in this article.  

Christmas Market in Quebec City

Christmas is such a magical time of the year and christmas markets are the perfect occasion to start the festivity feeling. But what if you can visit a real magical place with snow in a beautiful town? Well, that describes at the best the German style Christmas Market in Quebec city. You can find many local and European products, drink hot wine, free activities, Christmas music and choirs, mingle with locals, admire the decoration and shop for your loved ones.

Did you know that the first Christmas Market in Quebec City was in 2008 and it was only a single afternoon in a packed church basement? And by 2019, it became one of the major event with 4 different areas, tons of activities, 90 exhibitors and 160,000 visitors?

Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions related to the activities and sights. We’ll be more than happy to answer and help you to to book a tour or an activity.